Bachelor Study Course — Networked Performance — Media Authors — Tactical Media — Hybrid Biographies — Media and Cultural Studies — Computers and Networks as Artistic Challenge — Media Economy — Media Technology — Digital Fields of Action — Networked Audio : Interventions in Urban or Media Spaces — Digital Salon — Art as Method — Adapting, Manipulating, Modding — The Cultural Dimension of Software — Exploratory and Project Oriented Learning — International Team — Knowledge Media – Collaborative Systems — Team work — 365/24/7 Access to Internet and Work Space — Cooperative Environment — Audio-/Video Editing Place — Networking and Interfacing — Lab for Electronics and Interfaces — Media Poiesis — Exhibition Practice — Software Art — Festivals and Cultural Events

Bachelor Study Course New Media

The Department for Media Arts trains media authors who are capable of independently realizing fields of practice in the arts and projects interfacing media and society. Computer and communication networks have the potential for conception, organization and subversion of sign- and action processes moulding our entire society. The 6 semesters of training focus on the acquisition of computers and digital networks as an open and designable media- and action space. Digital fields of action stands for the interest in the interaction of man and machine which enables new possibilities due to its hybrid quality. This action space is collaborative. There are people working together in it, possibly in widely scattered places and at different times. In the Department for New Media the resulting fields of action are fathomed by experimental, artistic and application-oriented approaches. The project formats being realized at the cover the whole range from collaborative online-working environments to interventions in urban or media spaces and installations at festivals and exhibitions.

Application procedures

Registration and hand over of application documents until February 17, 2014
Submission of portfolios until March 6, 2014
Qualifying examinations from April 7 to 10, 2014
Start of studies: September, 2014


Career changers (college / university) and guest students are very welcome!


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