Ultra-red artists presentation with discussion

Monday 21st March

18h Room 6.K03 (6th floor)
Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96
8031 Zürich

The sound art collective Ultra-red studies, develops, and tests procedures for collective listening that contribute directly to political struggles.

Ultra-red invites communities to listen to the acoustics of contested spaces, their own and others‘ demands and desires, the echoes of historical memories of struggle, and their own self-organizing activities.

Founded in 1994 in Los Angeles by two AIDS activists, Ultra-red conduct sound-based investigations in collaboration with constituencies involved in a range of social justice-related struggles concerning HIV/AIDS, anti-racism, migration, gentrification, and poverty in locations across Europe, North America, and South Africa. We draw on the traditions of musique concrète, conceptualism, popular education, and militant inquiry in our development of protocols for organized listening.


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