Objects of Knowledge, of Art and of Friendship – A small technical encyclopaedia for Siegfried Zielinski.

A new Academy? Given the chance to realize one, what would we expect from its members? At the Academy of the Lynx-Eyed in Naples, on admission each new member was expected to bring a startling, novel object with him. On the occasion of Siegfried Zielinski’s 60th birthday next year, we have invited friends to contribute an artifact to an imagined Academy. The book presents the result of this collection.
Following the style of a poly-technical journal from the 19th century, the articles are ordered alphabetically. They centre on an object, which is presented by a line drawing of Peter Blegvad and a text.

Edited by David Link und Nils Röller (Leipzig: Institut für Buchkunst 2011)


Hans Belting, Small Glass And the Even Smaller Magnifying Glass, illustration by Peter Blegvad


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